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Go Bankless With Your Local Crypto Payment System

A new standard for bankless payment systems

DAPAY - stands for Digital Asset Payment System and aims to improve the quality and reliability of invoice workflows. Today we share, print, mail, e-mail and still fax copies of the same invoices and receipts whereas the entire process is destined to be automated. Technology allows us to make use of the immutability of the blockchain. With that we avoid duplication and most of all we will provide proof of billing (PoB).

The electronic invoicing standards are improving continuously and we provide seamless integration into that. Our Solution offers API(s) into traditional accounting systems in order to consolidate FIAT and crypto invoices, on the other hand we provide useful features to manage cumbersome and time-consuming processes for you. Easily create an invoice in just a few minutes with DAPAY and sit back while our integrated notification system informs you when the payment is settled. DAPAY also provides an integrated dunning service that will keep track of outstanding payments to remind your clients seamlessly and in a non-intrusive way. Spend your valuable time building your business and let DAPAY do the cumbersome work for you.

Create & send crypto payment requests in less than 5 minutes!

In addition, our application is characterized by the following benefits:

Save time & money by using our all-in-one platform

The burden of manually tracking and reminding your clients is over now. Creating, managing and sending all your invoices from one platform.

Simplify your crypto accounting

Professional invoices created in seconds, one-click payments or automated integrations in your accounting system, recurring invoices and many more.

Keep control and the overview of your finances

No 3rd parties, no involved institutions. You receive your funds directly into your own non-custodial wallet. Be your own bank!

DAPAY features

Crypto payment was never easier!

For small and medium sized companies, crypto related businesses, consulting services and anyone who wants to use and settle in crypto-currencies. All functions at a glance below:

Invoice Management System

Manage all your crypto invoices within a single application. It comes with a fresh design which is simplistic but still comprehensive and brings you an abundance of advantages.

  • Create and send invoices or payment requests using multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • Support for stablecoins such as XCHF, DAI, USDT, USDC and more.

  • Notification system to keep you in the loop of outstanding and settled payments.

  • Compliant KYT service that checks the source of the payees funds.

  • Send recurring invoices to your clients - automatically for a period of time.

  • We support and provide non-custodial wallet solutions.

  • All Invoices and receipts are stored using a decentralized pinning service from IPFS.

  • Connected to a supporting billing system to interface directly into DAPAY, we manage the rest for you by converting your FIAT invoice to be settled in crypto.

  • An upcoming e-commerce plugin will let you integrate the payment service module directly into your website. DAPAY will send invoices from your webshop to your clients and record all crypto transactions.

  • All of our products are created with institutional standards; focused on quality, integrity and privacy.

Accounting Management Now Available in Switzerland With Our Partner RunMyAccounts!

You are using RunMyAccounts as your accounting system? Even for payments? Easy connect DAPAY via the API of the accounting system and settle all or just a part of your invoices using crypto-currencies. Our system will close the invoice in RunMyAccounts and book the amount on the prior defined currency account.

  • Connect via API directly to your accounting software.

  • Import your invoices into DAPAY in a few clicks and settle your invoice in crypto.

  • Automatically closing of the invoice in your accounting system and updating relevant data.

  • Book crypto assets internally to respective accounting codes.