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Simple, automated and just crypto!

Web3 crypto payment protocol for businesses. With DAPay, you can effortlessly create invoices and collect payments. Our automated process keeps track of pending payments and sends out reminders when needed. Get started within minutes.

DAPAY is a product developed by Digital Assets Technologies AG - a Zurich based company aiming to build the next generation of crypto finance. We are a team of global experts and passionate professionals with combined +56 years of experience in the crypto space who are always up to date with the latest technologies and knowledge.

DAPAY advantages

Meet Brian, the happy guy who discovered just how simple crypto invoicing can actually be.

DAPAY is our approach to provide businesses with an easy to use solution helping your daily business by handling invoice and payment management as well as providing you with financial reporting.

DAPAY is part of the DAT SUITE that entails a long list of services and solutions around crypto-centric ecosystems. Send and receive payments globally with ease, take advantage of instant settlement as well as small fees. We also provide API(s) into existing payment systems that work in your local currency, enabling you to settle a FIAT driven invoice in crypto instead. But not only that, we also close the original invoice and book the currency using the correct accounting code. For compliance reasons, we provide an integrated KYT (Know Your Transaction) service to ensure crypto-payments come from AML compliant sources.

Save your time

We are reducing the manual workload for you thanks to automation.

All together

We attach the receipts of every payment in your DAPAY system.

Dunning to go

Our automated dunning service keeps track of pending payments.

Create & send crypto payment requests in less than 5 min!

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Save time with DAPAY

How DAPAY will improve your business

For companies or individuals who want to create and send invoices with as less effort as possible and keep track of their finances. All functions at a glance below:

Integration to existing billing systems

DAPAY aims to integrate your favorite billing & accounting system to ensure you can take full advantage of crypto-payments. By providing a bridge between the crypto ecosystem into traditional billing systems, we want to make your ...

Simply create invoices & payment requests

You sell products or services to your clients in the crypto-space? You just want to create an invoice for a sale? Add your client and create your payment request to issue the payment directly from it, in a matter of minutes.

Integrated KYT checks for your piece of mind

We want to provide our users with a compliant solution. Therefore, we check all transactions executed on our system before sending the funds to your wallet. If (by chance) we find a wallet to be of questionable status, because the ...

DAPAY balancer

Our balancer service will help you to manage your crypto-funds. We will provide a live reporting that checks your acquired crypto-holdings periodically and let you know if the current price has fallen below the price of issuance or is above.

Secure & encrypted document management

**Under development - We provide you a secure solution to share your invoices with relevant third parties. Our document management system allows you to store your invoices and receipts on a decentralized storage network IPFS.

Reporting engine

DAPAY will keep track of your invoices and provide you with reports to give you a quick overview of your financial status. Focus on what you can do best: Building your business.

Dunning service

(coming soon)

Something we all dislike: Reminding our clients to please settle their open payments, however it has become a necessity to ensure liquidity. Therefore, we will soon release our automated dunning service which will simply remind ...

Factoring service - stable liquidity

(coming soon)

Financial freedom is important for every business. Too often there is a struggle due to liquidity issues, may it be because the warehouse is full or too many payments are outstanding. DAPAY will provide a liquidity pool from which ...

Proof of bill service

(coming soon)

An upcoming service we work on is our Proof of Bill (PoB). In order to do so we make use of blockchain technology to provide you with a timestamp and proof of origin stamp on each invoice and receipt. This will ensure there is no ...

Payroll service

(coming soon)

Simplify & automate payroll management using crypto. You want to pay your employees in crypto? We provide a fully compliant crypto salary system that will enable any company to pay full or partial salaries in cryptocurrencies.